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Superb End of Tenancy Cleaning in Brixton by Lucas Cleaners Brixton

Landlords can be very demanding when it’s time to move out of your rental property. Trying to achieve the required level of cleanliness can be a bit of a daunting task! But not getting your landlord’s approval will mean you won’t get your deposit back, which is not a good situation to find yourself in. Reduce your stress levels and worry by booking end of tenancy cleaning in Brixton from Lucas Cleaners Brixton. We’ll have your property looking as good, if not better than the day you moved in, thus securing the safe and timely return of your deposit. We’ll take care of the cleaning while you concentrate on looking forward… with no regrets about what you’re leaving behind. You could try and achieve the right finish by rushing round with a vacuum and polishing up the surfaces with a duster, but it’s likely that your landlord won’t be impressed. Call 020 3404 0855 and let our cleaning technicians spend the time required for a professional finish by thoroughly cleaning throughout.

Save Time With Professional Move Out Cleaning

For move out cleaning in Brixton you’re better of calling Lucas Cleaners Brixton than wasting your own time and energy. Much better to spend your last few moments organising everything in your new location. We’ve got experienced and trusted cleaners who will soon have the property looking spick and span. They can efficiently clean, wipe, polish and tidy throughout and will pay special attention to the areas that often get forgotten. Fixtures and fittings will be scrubbed and sanitised, appliances and furniture moved and not a speck of dirt or cobweb missed. You won’t believe your eyes when you come to inspect the work. But for your peace of mind rest assured that if you’re not happy, let us know within 48 hours and we’ll make sure we come back and do it again.

Lucas’s End of Tenancy Cleaners Guarantee Their Work for 48 Hours

All our customers in Brixton can benefit from a number of other useful services that include removal services and gardening service. Along with our Brixton end of tenancy cleaners, we’ve also a team of skilled professionals that’ll keep your property in good working order. Take the opportunity to book more than one service and you’ll save even more money to spend on more pleasurable things. We have a long list of customers, many of whom have left their feedback on our testimonials page, and the numbers are growing on a daily basis. There are lots of reasons we’ve become so popular, including:

  • A first-rate service is provided by well trained and highly qualified specialists
  • Support and care offered by a knowledgeable and helpful team throughout the day and night
  • Prices and bookings to suit you and your budget
  • We’ll come back and clean if you’re not completely happy, provided you let us know within 48 hours
  • We use a detailed checklist approved by agencies and landlords
  • Service is suitable for landlords, letting agencies, tenants and people who are buying or selling their property
  • We arrive on time and are always fully equipped for the jobs we’ll be doing

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