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A Brixton Hard Floor Cleaning Service You Can Count On

Carpets have fallen out of favour over recent years. Hard flooring on the other hand has become a popular choice for many home and business owners. This is mainly due to its ease of cleaning, luxurious feel, and need for little maintenance. Once upon a time hard flooring was very expensive, but materials such as tile, slate, stone and wood are now within the reach of many people. Although these types of surfaces can be difficult to keep spotless, it’s easy with our service for professional hard floor cleaning in Brixton. A quick sweep over the surface will keep on top of dirt and dust, but constant traffic will mean that some substances get deeper into the surface and require an expert clean in order to restore a like-new finish. Call 020 3404 0855 and be sure of the best possible results, because Lucas Cleaners Brixton will send round hard floor cleaners that’ll be well equipped, highly trained, and more than able to give your hard flooring the treatment it deserves.

Lucas Cleaners Brixton Offers Hard Floor Maintenance in Brixton as Well as Cleaning

When you book hard floor maintenance or cleaning with Lucas Cleaners Brixton you’ll be left with a floor that looks like it was laid just a few days ago. Get in touch and it won’t be long before your room takes on a whole new look! We’ve been working in the industry for more than a decade, and during that time we’ve encountered and successfully cleaned most types of hard flooring. Wood, vinyl, terracotta, tile and marble will be effectively cleaned with minimum disruption to your normal routine. When we first arrive at your property we always take a good look around to gauge the level of grime and stains in order to choose the most appropriate method of cleaning. We will pick the one that removes the highest level of dirt and discolouration without causing damage to the surface. You can help our technicians by moving any furniture, but if this is a problem there will be manpower enough to move it for you. The cleaning procedure will begin with a careful vacuum of the surface that will pick up all loose dirt, dust and grime. We’ll then test a small area with a detergent before applying it to the whole surface. Along with the trapped dirt this detergent is then washed away. Now all that’s left is for the flooring to be given time to dry. We think you might be interested to hear what our other customers have to say so take a look at our testimonials page, where you can see the latest feedback.

Hard Floor Cleaners Brixton Prefers

Both residential and business customers have chosen our Brixton hard floor cleaners because our reputation for providing a top notch service has spread far and wide! There are a number of factors that have led to our success including:

  • The lifetime of your flooring will be greatly improved with our cleaning and maintenance service
  • We don’t just offer free quotes but helpful advice too
  • Our lines of communication are always open
  • You can choose to make a booking at a time that suits you
  • We offer many other services for the smooth running of your home or business including carpet cleaning and garden services
  • Additional offers apply if you book more than one service

Book us for Brixton hard floor cleaning for high traffic areas and ingrained grime by completing our contact form or giving us a call when you need us.