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Sleep Soundly After Superior Mattress Cleaning from Lucas Cleaners Brixton

When you find yourself struggling to get a good nights sleep there could be several factors that are the root cause of the problem. We can’t help with any worries or stress, but we offer effective mattress cleaning in Brixton that will have your mattress feeling as good as the day you brought it home! When it comes to regular cleaning chores the mattress is often forgotten… Even if you vacuum the surface on a daily basis dust, dirt and unwelcome visitors can still find the way into the creases, nooks and crannies, often resulting in an itchy feeling when you put your head down to rest. Allergy sufferers in particular will be prone to an increase in symptoms if the mattress is not given a deep-down clean at least twice a year. With our UV treatment we can easily spot the culprits and remove them effectively with the supplies and equipment we have in our arsenal. Get in touch with Lucas Cleaners Brixton and we’ll help you achieve a good nights sleep.

Choose Lucas’s Mattress Cleaners in Brixton for Spot and Stain Removal

With your team of specialist Brixton mattress cleaners you can be sure of the best possible results when it comes to spot, stain and odour removal. You’ll be left with a mattress that feels almost like new. We’ve been working in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years now and have found ourselves in the proud position of local favourites. Lucas Cleaners Brixton use different methods depending on the type of mattress and level of cleaning required, but it’s our UV treatment that has greatly enhanced our success. It allows our cleaning technicians to quickly spot and eliminate any troublesome areas and perform a thorough clean. Removal of odours and stains can also be included as part of your booking should the mattress need it. When we’ve finished cleaning we’ll check to make sure all traces of dirt and other detritus have disappeared.

Mattress Cleaning Services Tailored to Suit You

When it comes to cleaning we all have different expectations, needs and budgets, which is why we tailor our mattress cleaning services to your own personal needs. One of the reasons for our popularity is the ability to be flexible, along with:

  • The range of services we have available, which includes after builders cleaning and one off cleaning
  • We’ve got a friendly customer care team that can be contacted 24 hours a day online or by calling 020 3404 0855
  • The products we use are eco-friendly, because your health and safety are primary concerns
  • Prices that are affordable with the added opportunity to save more money by making a booking for more than one service
  • Impressive results that mean successful eradication of dust mites, bacteria, spores, mould, and other assorted allergens
  • Bookings can be made at a time to suit you
  • We’re a fully insured provider with a team that has been carefully checked
  • We can clean a wide variety of soft surfaces with equally good results, including furnishings, toys, curtains, and upholstery

When it’s time for your mattress cleaning in Brixton, pick up the phone, go online, and use the instant chat option or complete the handy contact form, 24/7.