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Lucas's Upholstery Cleaning in Brixton Offering Exceptional Results!

Over the course of their lifetime your armchairs, sofas, and other soft furnishings will have to endure endless battering from greasy fingers, dirty paws and numerous spills. All of this will result in a dirty appearance and unpleasant smells if not taken care of in good time. One excellent way to keep your furniture looking its best for longer is with our service for professional upholstery cleaning in Brixton. Choosing Lucas Cleaners Brixton to be your provider will mean you won’t need to replace the items for a considerable length of time. Unfortunately, your soft furnishings are used on such a regular basis, they often get missed from the normal cleaning routine. And by the time you’ve noticed they would benefit from cleaning, the damage is too far gone for over-the-counter products. The solution is staring you in the face. Call 020 3404 0855 and make use of the well trained technicians and professional supplies we hold in our arsenal.

Lucas’s Upholstery Cleaners in Brixton Who Invigorate Colours and Remove Odours

When you get in touch and book your upholstery cleaners in Brixton we’ll be more than happy to explain our methods. We understand the need for complete transparency and are glad to oblige! But for added convenience, we’re going to share the information right here so you don’t need to ask when you call. Here’s what you get included in the price of your upholstery fabric cleaning services:

  • The initial step for your Brixton upholstery cleaners will be to come and see for themselves exactly what needs cleaning
  • Following this important step we can then decide on the most effective method, depending on the type of your upholstery and level of dirt
  • For synthetic fabrics we will use the hot water extraction method. This involves spraying hot water under pressure deep into the fibres of the upholstery. After this, as much as 95 % of the water will be extracted along with the dirt.
  • Upholstery made from more delicate fabrics is better cleaned using a dry cleaning method. This is gentle on the fabric but no less tough on stains and dirt than hot water extraction.
  • We could also use dry foam for cleaning your upholstery. A foam is carefully applied to your soft furnishings and allowed to dry for 10 minutes. The crystallised foam can then be vacuumed away along with the dirt.
  • For high traffic spots, dirt patches, and stains we’ll carefully pre-treat the area before undertaking the main part of the clean

Arrange Your Brixton Upholstery Cleaning Services in Double-Quick Time!

For upholstery cleaning services in Brixton, we’ve gained a reputation that’s the envy of many of our competitors. Our long list of customers includes both residential and commercial clients, and you can read some of the latest feedback on our testimonials page. The value of our services is what has made us so popular, but there are an abundance of other reasons, including:

  • Our quality can’t be beaten, and our prices are reasonable
  • You can make your booking for a time and day that suits you, including weekends and bank holidays
  • Your queries will be answered by a team of eager and helpful advisers whether you contact us online or over the phone 24/7
  • Our cleaning supplies are eco-friendly and won’t harm you, you family or pets
  • We’ve got a broad range of services including rubbish removals, handyman services, and a whole lot more
  • Book multiple services and you can enjoy further savings!

Complete our contact form if you’d like to receive a call back, or alternatively use our instant chat option or just pick up the phone. Simple and easy when you want to book your upholstery fabric cleaning services!